Marriage Mentoring Facts

A real life example of marriage mentoring conducted at South Hills Church where over 320 couples were mentored resulted in a divorce rate of less than 2%.

Studies have shown over two-thirds of marriages end in divorce.



DeDan Seminars

PREPARE/ENRICH Certification Program - $175.00

The PREPARE/ENRICH Workshop is one day and designed to help facilitators learn how to use the PREPARE/ENRICH Program with premarital and married couples.

Topics for couples covered in the PREPARE/ENRICH Program include communication, conflict resolution, family of origin, finances, sexuality, spiritual beliefs, and many more. Select on a state below to view scheduled workshops and a list of trainers in your area.

Comments from recent workshop participants...

"Great and efficient resource; thought it was worth every penny; want to use it for my own marriage."

"Exceptional program, the best thing in pre-marital counseling that I've come across."

"As a pastor, I wish I had been using this for the last twenty years. As a seminary faculty member, I will encourage my students to get the training and use PREPARE/ENRICH."

"This is an excellent resource for having a structured way to provide feedback to couples on the inventory, and a useful tool for counseling in general."

"The Stress Scale and SCOPE Personality were just what we needed."

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