Marriage Mentoring Facts

A real life example of marriage mentoring conducted at South Hills Church where over 320 couples were mentored resulted in a divorce rate of less than 2%.

Studies have shown over two-thirds of marriages end in divorce.



DeDan Seminars/Courses

"Why I Got Married"

In this class I can expect to learn more about:

Audience:  Small and intimate - no more than (12) couples.  For couples that want to communicate and handle conflicts more effectively with their mate. 

Couples will explore the effects of Finances, Family and Friends on their relationship and the best way to Fix the Fight with very practical yet powerful tools.  This is just the course for any couple, whether newlyweds or those going on thirty years.  Also, this would be an ideal course for any couple considering volunteering/working in a marriage ministry or becoming a marriage mentor.

Course Fee:  $75 / Couple 


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