Marriage Mentoring Facts

A real life example of marriage mentoring conducted at South Hills Church where over 320 couples were mentored resulted in a divorce rate of less than 2%.

Studies have shown over two-thirds of marriages end in divorce.



DeDan Seminars/Courses

Building Healthy Marriages

Description:  This course is designed to help Pastors build hope in their couples who are looking for real and lasting change. It will teach Pastors how to encourage couples to break through relational roadblocks to intimacy by developing skills that allow them to go "deeper" in their relationships. In this course Pastors can expect to find ways to support their own ministries by...

Location:  Methodist Hospital - Dogwood Manor, Germantown, TN
Classes begin, Thursday, Feb. 17th and last for 6 weeks until March 24th; Classes will be held every Thursday night from 6pm to 8pm. 


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