Marriage Mentoring Facts

A real life example of marriage mentoring conducted at South Hills Church where over 320 couples were mentored resulted in a divorce rate of less than 2%.

Studies have shown over two-thirds of marriages end in divorce.



DeDan Seminars/Courses

Building Healthy Marriages

Description:  This course is designed to help Pastors build hope in their couples who are looking for real and lasting change. It will teach Pastors how to encourage couples to break through relational roadblocks to intimacy by developing skills that allow them to go "deeper" in their relationships. In this course Pastors can expect to find ways to support their own ministries by...

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Marriage: What EVERY WOMAN needs to hear, what EVERY MAN needs to know

Description:  This course is ideal for couples who have been married for a number of years as well as for those preparing for marriage. Dan and Dee will give you some very practical and tailor made tools to help you positively tackle many of the difficulties most marriages face.

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"Why I Got Married" Course - $75 per couple

In this class I can expect to learn more about:

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Marriage Enrichment Weekend/Right Relationship Conference - $85 per couple

In this weekend I can expect to:

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PREPARE/ENRICH: Marriage Mentor Customized Seminars - $75 per couple

Overview of the PREPARE/ENRICH Marriage Mentor Program

Implementing a marriage mentor program can be an exciting and powerful addition to the ministry of your church or community. A formal mentoring program often ensures that premarital couples get more preparation, and get it earlier in their engagement. Not only is this a valuable tool for engaged couples, but also for the marriage mentors as well. If a pastor or someone at your organization has been certified in Prepare/Enrich, we will come on site and teach your marriage mentors at a reduced cost of $50 per couple.  

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PREPARE/ENRICH Certification Program - $175.00

The PREPARE/ENRICH Workshop is one day and designed to help facilitators learn how to use the PREPARE/ENRICH Program with premarital and married couples.

Topics for couples covered in the PREPARE/ENRICH Program include communication, conflict resolution, family of origin, finances, sexuality, spiritual beliefs, and many more. Select on a state below to view scheduled workshops and a list of trainers in your area.

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