Marriage Mentoring Facts

A real life example of marriage mentoring conducted at South Hills Church where over 320 couples were mentored resulted in a divorce rate of less than 2%.

Studies have shown over two-thirds of marriages end in divorce.



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PREPARE/ENRICH: Marriage Mentor Customized Seminars

Overview of the PREPARE/ENRICH Marriage Mentor Program

Implementing a marriage mentor program can be an exciting and powerful addition to the ministry of your church or community. A formal mentoring program often ensures that premarital couples get more preparation, and get it earlier in their engagement; two factors which promote healthier relationships. 

Research has demonstrated that a good premarital program can help a couple get their marriage off to a better start (Doherty & Carroll, 2003; Knutson & Olson, 2004). Research also indicates programs offered six months or more prior to the wedding date, continuing on for six to twelve months after a marriage are the most effective. A solidly equipped group of Marriage Mentor Couples will help expand and strengthen the programs offered to couples in your church.

The PREPARE/ENRICH Marriage Mentor Program is designed to be flexible so that it can be tailored to fit the needs of each individual congregation or group. Feel free to adapt it in a way that will be most effective for your setting.

DEDAN Ministries-PREPARE/ENRICH: Marriage Mentor Customized Seminar Dates, Times and Location

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DEDAN Ministries - PREPARE/ENRICH Seminar Course Fee

The course fee is $75 (per person or couple; Meal is included in course fee)

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